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I-383 – Harrisburg to Lancaster

by on Nov.01, 2004, under Amateur Counsel, Highways

Mounting Traffic on I-283 at Highspire

Mounting Traffic on I-283 at Highspire

Interstates and US route numbers follow (or are supposed to follow) strict numbering guidelines, but state departments of transportation can number any state route as they please and will sometimes use this liberty to bridge psychological gaps in the Interstate network or keep alive a familiar designation that has officially been retired. For example, US 309 once ran from Philadelphia to Wilkes-Barre and beyond, but when it was decommissioned in 1968, PennDOT decided to keep the number on life support as PA 309. Also witness PA 581 that runs from I-81 eastward into Harrisburg. It could be Interstate 581, although it might not meed Interstate technical standards, but in any case, it serves the purpose that a true I-581 would serve. (continue reading…)

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