Harold Rhodes

One of music’s unsung heroes, Harold Rhodes deserves more respect. He pioneered an entire category of instruments with his invention, the Rhodes electric piano. Not to be confused with the cheap electronic keyboards sold by mass retailers, the Rhodes piano uses tiny hammers, metal tines, and electromagnetic pickups to produce a rich unmistakable tones. The warm, subdued sound of Harold's invention found countless devotees in many jazz and rock artists. Naming Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, and Donald Fagen would merely scratch the surface.

In some ways, creating a logo for Harold Rhodes seems a straightforward process. (electric + piano = electric piano) But putting the pieces together convincingly was much more difficult. From the outset, I wanted the Rhodes logo to fit visually with the sonic style of the instrument.

Univers Oblique’s rightward slant sets a core motif. The slant of the black keys, the shape of the electrical plug, and the alignment of contact information on letterhead follow this cue. As a result, the design is dynamic and bold yet subdued.

Like much of the music played on a Rhodes.

Harold Rhodes
Harold Rhodes business card Harold Rhodes letterhead and envelope