Easy and casual, Morningside is the neighborhood cafĂ© where you can pick up a hot egg and cheese croissant or fresh apple pastry while you thumb your way through the Sunday Times. You'll get quick service at the counter (not unlike Panera Bread or Au Bon Pain) and more egg specialties and other hot entrees than you’d expect.

Keeping keywords like “casual”, “friendly”, and “morning” at the top of my mind, I developed this inviting concept. After experimenting with a number of scripts and italics, I unearthed the perfect hand-inspired typeface. The stylized rising sun waves a cheery “Good Morning” while tying in with the script beautifully. These welcoming images are encapsulated in the silhouette of the universal breakfast ingredient—the egg.

Morningside’s menu and in-store graphics continue this casual approachability with simple yet expressive artwork, straightforward color palettes, and no-nonsense layouts.

Perfect companions for a hot cup of coffee and friendly morning chat.

Morningside menu