Graphical Directions

So read the assignment: “Provide driving directions from your home to the university campus, but do so in a visual way that is legible, organized, and reflects the nature of the trip.”

The most obvious attribute of the commute (in my mind) was that I felt I was always on an endless loop. Always going or coming. The concept came to me immediately: Create a layout that could be read in either direction.

I developed the concept around a unifying shape, a rounded form that curved toward sharp points at the upper left and lower right. This shape is repeated in smaller modules counting each route traversed along the way. This repetition emphasizes a stylistic motif, but more importantly, it establishes a rhythm for the journey and makes the entire composition stronger.

Color also serves as an important signal. Route numbers and written instructions bear the same color used in the destination name.

Everything came together perfectly. I’m quite happy with the result.

Graphical Directions