Type Exploration

Though I don’t tend to use it often, I’ve always had an affinity for Clarendon. Its slab serif forms are simultaneously formal, approachable, classic, modern—and any number of other contradictions. Clarendon solemnly declares the names of stately federal buildings in Washington, yet it also marks the trails to rustic picnic areas in Yellowstone.

When I was pressed to select one of a few typefaces for an exploratory assignment, I didn’t hesitate to select Clarendon. Using only one letterform (K), a circular shape, and black ink, I was charged with creating a number of compositions. These included a reversal, a sharp contrast of size, a composition with a block of found text, and a deconstruction.

The end product may not have any practical application, but I was (and still am) pleased with the result.

Type Exploration: Clarendon