Adventure Aquarium

Part of a coordinated campaign for Camden, New Jersey’s Adventure Aquarium, this ad sets the tone admirably.

“So close…you’ll get sucked in.”

Of course you won’t really get sucked in by an octopus at the Adventure Aquarium (their insurance company is certain of that), but you’ll get closer to underwater creatures than ever before.

“Get close to the adventure.”

In the spirit of the tagline, all ads in the series feature close-up photography of sea life featured at the aquarium. Each ad has its own special invitation, urging viewers to get close to the many beautiful, mysterious, and dangerous animals in their collection.

The layout is a sea of curves, including everything from the headline and tagline to the colored bands surrounding the photography and even the sea creatures themselves. The curves suggest movement, excitement, and adventure. Not to mention the ocean.

Adventure Aquarium ad