Unquestionably, ADVICS leads Japan’s auto industry in braking technology. Full stop. With the skyrocketing popularity of hybrids, their leadership role has grown to include regenerative braking. In this wonderfully efficient system, electrical generators team with traditional brakes, recapturing stopping power to recharge vehicle batteries.

Any logo design for ADVICS would need to satisfy some difficult requirements. It would have to be exceptionally simple. So simple that it could be cast in steel on a brake rotor or scaled to a handful of millimeters and still be instantly recognizable. And the logo must embody the concept of safety (a key benefit of good brakes) while conveying the energy of regenerative technology.

Beginning with the universal symbol for “brake” (which resembles a circle jacketed by two parentheses), I moved and rotated the curved lines, eventually adding a third. I then varied the width of the strokes, flaring them outward as they emanated from the center disc.

The resulting shape radiates energy in all directions. Yet the disc in the center is held carefully and securely. Safely. And the red center is also a subtle hint at the company’s proud Japanese heritage.