My interest in graphic design has always been driven by an insatiable curiosity. How can functionality be made visually striking—and simplicity convey beauty?

While I constantly monitor the current movements in graphic design, I never chase trends. My greatest influences are the revered luminaries of the art form. Designers like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Herb Lubalin, and others. Having my work compared to theirs would amount to the greatest compliment I could ever be paid.

My educational background is much broader than most graphic designers, spanning from the business foundations of marketing to the expressivity of painting and sculpture. And in addition to print and web design, I'm skilled at film editing, video production, and motion graphics.

Sometimes, the challenges I'm given suggest solutions I haven't tried. Yet. I am eager to employ different media and novel approaches. I thrive on new challenges and never miss a learning opportunity.

Without question, I won't hesitate to utilize every measure of ingenuity at my disposal—and with unwavering dedication.

I am eager to put my talents to work for you.