About Brian

My background is split between the practical and the artistic, but I’m truly a creative at heart. Having earned a B.S. in marketing from Penn State, I subsequently went on to earn a B.F.A. in studio art from West Chester University in suburban Philadelphia.

A graphic designer first, I’ve been inspired by the likes of Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Herb Lubalin, and my dedication to clarity and simple elegance in design is an integral element of my philosophy toward video production.

For several years following my graduation from West Chester, I resided in the San Francisco Bay Area and developed relationships with numerous tech-oriented clients—which I’ve carried with me to the present day. And as lovely as Northern California is, I always missed my native Pennsylvania, so I was overjoyed to return.

Today, I’m enjoying every moment of life in Philadelphia and working with clients both in the region and across the country.

Ready to Talk?

I’d love to hear about your unique situation and discuss how we can craft a creative solution to tell your story.

email: mail@briantroutman.com

phone: 570.220.6352

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/brian-troutman