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Companies ranging from fledgling startups to members of the Fortune 500 have turned to me to tell their story, connect with customers, or explain a process. With a broad creative background, I draw upon a full range of tools and techniques—on-location shoots, chromakeys, animation—to craft a memorable video that communicates succinctly, engages your audience, and always remains true to your brand.

Clients include Cisco Systems, Motorola,, Fujitsu, Cray, Agilysys, and numerous others.

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Connect with customers’ pain points

Aravo had a unique challenge: illustrate the perils of noncompliance with ethics and security regulations in a complex landscape of global markets while highlighting its product as a simple yet comprehensive solution. This video accomplishes both goals using carefully selected and edited stock video, animated overlays, and motion graphics.

Hoteliers and tour operators who rely on third-party shuttle services to transport guests don’t want customers to arrive angry because the driver was late or the ride was rough. Mirroring the clean, spare style of TrackMyShuttle’s website iconography, I created a mini world in which to follow a traveler’s journey going amiss—before TrackMyShuttle saves the day.

German scientic publisher Thieme introduced a unique “pay what you want” model as an affordable yet trustworthy alternative to the intimidating world of fly-by-night open access journal publishers. Using an approachable, hand-drawn style, I illustrated the perils of other open access publishing options and presented Thieme as the antidote—like a knowledgable friend sketching out an illustration to guide you.

As professionals ranging from scientists to business analysts find they need supercomputer-class power to process immense amounts of data, they’re also discovering how complicated DIY-ing a cluster computer can be. With simple, elegant motion graphics, I depicted the complexity of the challenge and positioned supercomputing pioneer Cray as the logical one-stop solution.

Explain how something works

NextAxiom’s paradigm-changing approach to managing a tangled web of enterprise-class information systems is so revolutionary, it requires extensive explanation—even to a technically minded audience. Using a distinctive isometric style, I created a metaphor of cubes and towers that illustrates the complex concept in a way that’s visually appealing, effortlessly kinetic, and easy to understand.

You may have seen the term “Creative Commons” before, but if you’re like most people, you probably don’t know what it is or what the alphabet soup of “BY-NC-ND” means. Using a style consistent with past projects created for German scientific publisher Thieme, I devised an easy-to-follow presentation to cut through the clutter and explain the concept simply.

Get your audience’s attention

To celebrate its third year in business, employee benefits administrator ABD threw a massive birthday bash with all employees in attendance. The company turned to me to capture the crowd’s attention as the venue lights dimmed and the company founder prepared to speak. Drawing from the company’s scrapbook and set to a recognizable anthem, I created a tribute so packed with in-jokes and company trivia that everyone was riveted.

IT security professionals may think all file security tools are about the same, so they likely don’t realize that many solutions have surprising holes in their armor. Continuing a series with a recurring character, overconfident and undercapable “Steve”, I directed another installment showing how selecting the wrong solution could lead to some rather dire consequences.

At outdoor concerts and events, marketers of consumer brands have so many options for plastering their company logos on giveaway products and banners that it can be difficult to know how to meaningfully get their audience’s attention. Powertise offers a unique solution that almost everyone can appreciate: power to charge their phones. With an eye-catching hand-drawn style, I illustrated how Powertise cuts through the noise.

Tech startup Step Ahead Solutions has a unique concept, a virtual laptop configurable with almost any operating system and processor combination and accessible from nearly any device, anywhere with an Internet connection. To demonstrate the possiblities and introduce the people behind Step Ahead, I created a video combining energetic motion graphics and live action footage of the team.

Introduce yourself

Unlike typical suburban office parks with a few token apartments tacked on, Hacienda is a true live/work/play community offering diverse housing options, dining, and shopping. To give prospective residents and employers a preview, I used aerial photography and candid, on-the-ground shots to capture a glimpse of what this Bay Area development has to offer and pique their interest to learn even more.

When hardware supplier Olander wanted to sell the concept of vendor managed inventory to a specific prospect, they turned to me introduce the concept with video. Through interviews of key company leaders, shoots of Olander facilities, and carefully crafted animation, I created a short video that quickly explains the VMI concept and points out Olander’s unique advantages in executing it.

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